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Chapter Two


The clock of Central Station marks 7:49 p.m. The waiting room literally full of travelers while near the Terminus seem deserted. All windows display « Complete » . Tewfiq Baali takes a banknote from his pocket without removing the bundle and buys a booth package cigarillos. His wrist is painful. He wiped the sweat on his forehead with the back of his jacket and slips quickly towards the docks. He sees the stunned .

On esplanades in compartments , corridors , washrooms , on roofs , out of sight , a massive human tide rumbles and protests . The passengers on platforms face stiff resistance occupants of cars. Each assault , vibration soles on concrete looks like a earthquake. Military police try , somehow , to push the civilians not embark troops . Nothing to do. No hole . All cars in all trains are crowded , full to bursting.

Tewfiq Baali reflects how acrobatic technique he must appeal to be among the runners , when he felt a hand rummaging in the right pocket of his coat, which startles him . Aside forcefully intruder arms and pivots sharply on itself, on guard , ready for all eventualities , including deal a good shot point paralyzing the throat of the alleged robs !

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Chapter Four


A slow buzz rises above the city and thickens second by second on the plain, soon covering the hollow distinct and desperate night sounds. The sun shines on Taxrit . Timidly , birds begin to chirp at the beginning of a new day . Tewfiq Baali opens his eyes to the alarm . He did not have to fall asleep more than two hours, but it rises quickly, as these blades travel time once . He puts his threadbare blue. The apartment exudes a planing and lazy heat. He slips into the bathroom quietly . The water is cold tap but it completes the wake . Good humor accompanies his actions , although he feels a pang stomach , as if about to take an exam . But this has nothing to do with anxiety supported during the month of Ramadhan in Mezghena because of the agonizing wait of an administrative response , finally fell like a cleaver on a log .

In his retirement , long kneeling towards the east, Baya Baali requests . The erased her son in the hallway does not escape him, but she does not move because she knows he hates goodbyes sententious . She raises her arms to the sky to ask God to protect, guide his steps and meet its expectations.

« His heart is pure but it is so vulnerable , she said. Why is he awake so early? « 

She saw the light of his burning room at a late hour , visible behind the hammered glass door and fixed his frail figure remain tilted to the work table for much of the night. Thus she saw the strength of his eldest burn after thousands of identical evenings , when he was in high school. Powerless to reason , it keeps saying it can not be driven by a mysterious force in him , superior, irresistible. How proud she was coming to him when he managed to win with panache diplomas !

While sipping black coffee that is prepared Tewfiq Baali see , lying on the garden, and a packed carefully crafted package.

 » Cakes , he thinks . « 

Tender emotion brightens the features of his face. He decides to take them without knowing how to carry conveniently. His gaze stops on a bag. There buries cakes, his toiletries, a towel. He hesitates to take his pajamas , not realizing that where he will live now that clothing is allowed. He then returned to his room to take a half-dozen books in pristine spring . A small maçhaf his attention on a shelf. He also took his luggage and weighs in front of the mirror is watching the entrance. He smiled :

« More than straw hat and you spend volunteering for peasant , old man, ‘he said . « 

He feels a vague uneasiness that tries to identify . In fact , the place to which he will head does not scare him . Two short hours separate him from that date. This passage in another universe , closed partitioned enclosure in all monstrously hostile appearance. In a fraction of a second. The other hand, is not that he desperately sought ?

He prowls long in the house, returned almost a stranger , after all these years of dizzying Mezghena . It inspects the forgotten corners . Places where he grew up, cried , loved . Reached the interior garden strewn with dead leaves, he gave his dog, who jumped out of a bush towards him, wagging tail frantically . He kneels and strokes his long snout . The eyes of the animal are very sweet and seem to crave some vague forgiveness of sin dark contracted in another dimension . He thinks if the short existence of the beast, compared to his own, as already rusty and useless. He straightens up and looks painfully to the blue square above the walnut , breathing greedily gulps of fresh air, as if oxygen was suddenly miss him.

He continued his exploration. Each relic, every scratch on the trunks of trees, each graffiti on the cement patio , remind him of a distant and vague memory , while the weight of the past , strangely , seems to have lost the thickness that he knew . If Mezghena seem to have affected his sense faculties , it has not started , in his eyes , the odds of knowledge that he devote his family, friends , neighbors . Unfortunately, in large cities , the law of numbers tends to absorb and devalue individuals. Therefore: be winner in political science in this country is profiler career prospects quite random . Instead of adding height to the crown , a hated political system will constantly tend to dumb down the achievements of its elites to establish the point of mediocrity as a way of governance.

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Chapter Five

A whistle sharp as a razor rips the air from the second floor. Tewfiq Baali wakes with a start . It was cold. A pale glow illuminates the dormitory, a large window without curtains or blinds . He scratches his head .

« No, I do not dream , he told himself . I am in the barracks and my head is shaved . « 

He strikes a match and consulted his watch :

« God , it’s only 3:00 in the morning. What an idea to wake up at this hour ? « 

Another whistle, close and threatening, decides to leave the warmth of his blanket. Its thin and hairy legs quickly goosebumps . He hastily donned his fatigues . An invisible hand engages a collective switch that illuminates the entire building. In the bedroom, in addition to Tewfiq Baali , one conscript rose and it fulfills its Fajr prayer . Other fall on deaf ears . Inconsistency due to too lazy mornings tolerated considerate mothers.

The largest encyclopedia of military oaths never heard by Tewfiq Baali , exploded in the hallway. A sergeant burst into the room, hanging neck belt. His gaze will conscript awakened to the prior, then the sleepers. He is about to blow off his anger but as an invisible net fluid stops. The student continues to dress up slowly in front of his cabinet , without paying attention to him . The prior does not move. NCO spring without a word and it enters the next room.

« Name of God, you take me for a fool ? That half an hour I whistled collecting! « 

Men wake up, startled . They remain half raised on elbow, rubbing the scalp, not understanding what is happening. Some call inconsiderate their heads under the covers.

Band lazy , I’ll teach you, me, what a military gathering! That your mothers have not you learned yells the sergeant ! « 

And raise the beds by a pan , fifty centimeters from the ground , then let them fall with a crash. The effect of surprise is the signal for battle. The rooms come alive as if by magic .

Coughing , stretching. Noise cabinet is opened . Curses. Racing to the bathrooms . The building trembles on its foundations . Tewfiq Baali scrutinizes its features, while shaving .

« I ‘m a blue, there is no doubt, he said. Even if I redeem myself with magical gestures. « 

Another whistle announces further obscenities flowing without restraint :

 » Doggone , name of god ! Crénom a mangy dog ! Gathering instead report in thirty seconds, shouts the ranking ! I catch the last go polish the latrines ! « 

This time , nobody asks for his. The men dive to the ground floor , under the gaze of westernien « Week » , planted as a cowboy at the entrance of the building. Five pairs of boots trigger a hundred roaring waterfall stairs.

Outside, the air is crisp . The stars continue to twinkle in the sky. The barracks still seems asleep around the illuminated block. Obviously, the collection relates only to the rookies . The men begin at attention facing the refectory.

Time passes. No instructor is visible. The officer did not tell them why he gathered them , although they guessed and are equipped with their utensils clinking ominously their belts at the slightest movement in the deep silence of the dawn. Apparently , it would be the breakfast, but nobody in the kitchen does not provide the service order . Some curious students venture a foot inside the room, take a peek before entering it unmolested . Which encourages everyone to rush there in full force. A big pot of coffee smoke on a table beside huge wicker baskets full of bread , which they expected . Wanting to enter all at the same time, men clog the door gesticulating and disorderly cluster. Again, Tewfiq Baali laments such indiscipline . Their precipitation has not been worth it ! With their smaller bowl , they go back to the pot and a brownish viscous liquid , almost nauseating , they taste with astonishment grinning . Then they choose the stale croutons yesterday. The latte is tasteless but hot! They ingest somehow , biting with sluggish Charlot in the bread . The « Week » comes from the drudgery of latrines.

« You may want buns , he roared , exasperated by sorting baskets around ? You have three minutes to put order in your room ! « 

New race to the building, with the NCO at their heels . Thunderous burst insults on how to fold a blanket, and the alignment of beds.

Men are busy awkwardly before their wardrobes, in listening to the manifestations of violence Sergeant next . It does not need to fix every conscript . His lesson title contagion clear and present on other ! It was he who shouted :

 » Rally in twenty seconds ! The last ten that I would find the block will go to the kitchen chore ! « 

Conscripts learn the ritual. They have time to think, to attention , to what to expect . Nothing sure , nothing stable in the end. A nightmare that just started and is not ready to finish . Confessed by some free thinker, have all said that the army has required they pay a heavy price. Prolonged standing waiting sobering about why their presence in the military academy. Solidarity of society? Patriotic duty ? Revolution? All one day should be able to defend the latter first , is not it ? Nobody necessarily explain them the logical purpose of conscription military training , weapons handling . To be able one day to defend the country in case of aggression . But stop harping on them that they must obey , still obey, always obey and never question anything . Tewfiq Baali knows this . He could talk for hours with talent and critical thinking. A stereotype flash passes before his eyes as a bright log:


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Chapter Seventeen


Tewfiq Baali led with caution the Drize 7. His first evolution by jeep around the circuit was done smoothly . It now passes the test truck . He is careful not to speed. How could he , in fact, with the behemoth in his hands , and without a monitor to guide ?

Sometimes the back of a giant donkey. Critical phase of the course. The nose of the truck is lifted like a plane taking off . He disengaged , press the foot brake before the peak and locks the drums with the hand lever . The truck stops.

Now delicate phase of the operation, it is the clutch, engage first , pack with strong mechanical throttle . Then quickly unlock the jaws and crush thoroughly fungus simultaneously . The action must be done in a fraction of a second. The pace of the engine drops to almost die. The truck shakes without advancing first, but still leaps forward , giving the impression the driver to pull of gravity. His nose transplanted immediately below, with the effect of a rollercoaster . Tewfiq Baali just time to stop before the line that demarcates the area of circulation. It only remains for him to engage reverse to park . He managed the niche with the help right mirror, judgmental ! The monitor does not give him time to make the slot in the front. It blocks his stopwatch and calls another candidate. Time is the rush!

In this final day of end of course , rumors are rife , as always. The barracks is shared between two opposing views . Half of the students think is dying exam is useless because the assignments come from Mezghena , without distinguishing between Zid and Bouzid. The other half believes firmly that reservists would go populate the first lines would be those that have the lowest scores . Although the overwhelming majority agree that the peaceful days are over. More blank cartridges . More NCOs actors. More barracks resort . Hibernation is ter mi .. born .. !

The small section of Train has only a few hours to live. Sections of other weapons are also in the eye of the hurricane. A race against the clock also decided for them …

Land transport require a strong sense of organization, but also a gift for the opportunity . How to respond to the request as many shoestring ? Tewfiq Baali had not lied to the jury. This is not only with perseverance to revise its courses , but with passion. The lights stay on all night block.

« What are you doing , ‘said Sergeant Week ? You want to repeat the instruction ? It is useless , your stuff to write about the con school notebooks . « 

It is 5:00 in the morning. Their night watchman came to find his clothes , backed his pillow , his head drooping , dangling lips, knees open book , reading arrested in his head to a formula maneuver forces :

                                                                                                              Fj =     200 wbP x Fd

v                   v

And the round of exams again , from room to room . Awakening the senses from permanent twenty-four hours installs a strange dimension around men . Tewfiq Baali printing an extra day is added to his captivity. Neither the synopsis of his answers , or freeze his feet equals his haste to finish . Another night or two at the block and his name is linked to a locality and a symbol of the regiment.

S / Lt Tama questioned long. The silence of the student throughout the duration of the program had intrigued the instructor. Although written questions developed by students were intelligent and rational . Her writing developed. It has not failed to demonstrate a spirit of initiative in situations blocked . Tewfiq Baali does not confirm well orally , closing undoubtedly a fantastic knowledge on land transport officer believes that understanding .

He answers each question in one sentence , concise and precise , as the cardinal principle of military education: to the point , no frills. After a moment , the teacher no longer listen to the answers . He spies gestures, hesitations , intonation of voice, the look of the candidate. The note is already registered : 15/20. Tewfiq Baali is sure to have seen next to his name, before completing its development .

True to his eccentric behavior , Lt Mahfoud does not consider it necessary to organize the review of traffic , but told the students that the lower note 10 to the oral test maneuvers forces stands resets the course of Train. Result that would send its author join the NCO corps . The warning is serious, but the measure did not move for both men . Now they have been devalued, insulted, scolded , they were damn fuck become an officer or lame duck …

Tewfiq Baali strongly interested in this course because it reminds him of physics experiments conducted in the laboratory in high school. With Mahfoud , do not philosophize . Align all formulas hauling one below the other provides average. Tewfiq Baali get well contented .

Sergeant Lakhal fun to simulate faults on the vehicle and leaves a group of ten trainees try to troubleshoot based on a specific clock. Tewfiq Baali saves his group because he learned the mechanical and electrical car in the workshop of his father. The rating is common to all . Zero or 20/20.

The mechanical examination is a formality . Just call to his memory, the army tried to amnésier far. The instructor may deduct half a point for a comma is missing !

S / Lt Djertli is the last of examiners. For impatient Tewfiq Baali , he takes pleasure in calling his name last. L’Ecole du Train is a desert when the last candidate enters the room. The instructor did not question , formulating the only question to all students:  » Contribution of the rail in the coordination of military transport. « 

Instead, the officer discusses with him about own reservists whose pathetic outbursts are surprising conversation.

« You know, you Tewfiq , you are the perfect stranger an impossible equation , he said in introduction. I was constantly afraid for you these past three months.

– Why ? I tried to be a way called. I would say common .

– It is not easy to go unnoticed when you are a leader .

– I believe that the original human being was conditioned to become accustomed to the worst situations.

– There was your illness , death in your family. Thou didst two extreme attitudes rarely easy to meet in the barracks.

– Explain , I’m interested.

– The seriousness, discipline , constancy in work against the refusal of the free domination.

– It’s true . Because I consider military service as a duty rather than slavery, or blind obedience to any system of values. Think a little … The persistence of all the burnt offerings of mankind has been made possible because men felt obliged to obey without question .

– You’ll be surprised though when you put on your shoulder for the first time .

– Why ? They do not weigh much . It is only the silver or gold plated brass . They give an illusion, a parody to simply stupid .

– You’ll see . After too many rebuffs, m .. socket , reports equivocal of gangland premeditated suddenly … A magical change. As one who goes from one extreme to an incredible luxury poverty. So you begin to gradually take the worst dégueulasseries army against the troops on the right side . And you say that this is a sacred opportunity for you to be an officer . Especially these days .

– The army will never trust an officer who has not first been enlisted man , is not it ?

– That yes . Must accept to be crushed to be ready to crush others. Fortunately we learn the ABC of art in stride.

– The soldier , a profession ? It’s not romantic.

– In war , it is useless to be.

– . Make your long and energetically difficult task ,

In the way in which the fate wanted to call you,

And then after , like me, suffer and die in silence.

– You’re Vigny reincarnated ! But I think it’s the least romantic verse of all his poetry .

– Fate for great romantics , is the normal course of things. In this, they join realistic .

– The world is badly made , live it , you know.

– Absolutely . But I do not belong in this category . The world is done wrong, change it , I say !

– The future does not concern you?

– The bottom line is it is not monotonous. Psychics are unhappy guys. If I am destined to join the camp of bloodthirsty murderers , then pronounced as myself, now my death sentence.

– Fiiiuuu ! It leads us very far it all. You were off topic and the jury is waiting my notes.

– I apologize . I had the unfortunate idea to come to the barracks without the mat to wait and see what happens. This necessarily leads to surprises.

– Come, come . How you deserve ?

– 20/20 , by Jove .

– Go Back ! And good luck if you do not see !

– Why do not we would see ?

– Because tomorrow , soon closed the ceremony grades , you start off in all directions.

– Assignments are established ?

– The Academy received your roadmaps of Mezghena . This is at least the information that the administration circulated to avoid claims .

– Can you tell us where we screwed ?

– Nobody can know for now . They say it is a ultraconfidentiel sealed envelope , which is in Zemlet . The roadmaps will be distributed along with the grades. « 

For the first time and probably the last , this is one that leaves the friendly Tewfiq Baali School Train, and he slowly returns to his neighborhood. In the rooms , you start to pack on the instructions of a sad and absent Kharoubi . Blankets and sheets are reinstated in exchange mats early , despite the intense cold that continues to prevail . Men must spend the night dressed in their bunk lattice. The excitement is so great that at the beginning . Students exchange their addresses and make a mixed record of their stay Taxrit . They were insulted , humiliated, devalued, but they are out somewhere , grow , if not victorious , because holding a military that they do not necessarily use the wrong way , or at least not in the meaning intended by the holders of power …

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© « Royauté sans effigie », Tome 2, Chapitre 1, Roman/ « Kingdom without effigy », Volume 2, Chapter 1, Novel


« Breathlessness » ,

Volume 2 « Kingdom without effigy »


Commun page to introducing all volumes.


        « Comrades, we have all been lead soldiers . »


Chapter One


Tewfiq Baali venture a vague and embarassed gesture towards his companions they go. Their packages at the shoulder, in single file, they move with gravity to the level 2 of the block. They must go faster to reach the place of respect, where waiting for a troop transport. Sergeant Week came to order them to decamp moment before. No question of waiting!
And while the hum of troop transports had stopped for a while, here is the light illuminating new block cadets reserve the first whistle of the « Week », the awakening with a start, half raised on a elbow, scraping shaved heads, not understanding what is happening to them, not knowing what to expect. Just like their predecessors in these places. !

Thus the military academy welcomes new residents. And it does nothing to retain the old ones. A bit like the turtle that laid eggs in sufficient quantity to perpetuate the species, but not willing to pamper their offspring. Whatever losses along the way!
The turtle? Species destined to live long. The military? Sort by excellence doomed to extinction. The future? They do not know anything. Only the staff knows. More or less, the rest …

Now that the famous blue layer novices, daubed willingly or by force of their skins into their barracks, became almost translucent, and their lattice took this faded shade of green so manly, they can afford to drive a so little mechanics to new recruits who took their places. Those seem to look with envy to go … To the fact that? … Or those who leave, or those who remain will never know enough. The military had no fixed address. Their stars fade quickly. They occur most often to the rear in the extended position, staring, silent forever crippled, mad, or rigid and cold …

Since the day before yesterday, the starters have seen Magirus not stop to empty the barracks of his troops, carrying them in all directions. They are the ultimate prize of the class formed by the Academy K74Y Interarmes Lembiridi to have packed up. In any two officers and three NCOs, newly promoted internship Train. After two postponements, the hour of departure has arrived. « Finally, » the army, is an adverb naively optimistic … Too early or too late, should we say? They all eternity before them to inform … They are in any case be futile to try to go back, presumptuous to believe guess what happens tomorrow …
This time, the Department of Education had to rush about this promotion firm to deliver commands and operational units within the time required by the Department of the Army, despite the drastic reduction in the time course determined above. Three months instead of six, including specialty. Too bad for the brave! But in fact, that he pay the costs? The Staff? Never oil ministry did not pay anything. They are still royally served first. It is the soldier, the most naive creature in the universe, to cough up in the end …
« In war as in war, had told the Director of the School Train on the day of the final exam … you have plenty of time to sharpen your weapons on the battlefield … we did our best to prepare for the job of a soldier … the main lesson that you must never forget, as long as you wear the uniform, he must kill or be killed … after all, this is why we exist other military … you take your game well so we can meet again another day at random from a mutation in the transit centers, he had concluded with his famous double-wink.  »
Poor consolation for these starters, however. Their destination Shirta. A shorter path for the allocation of military apparently more distant from the theater of hostilities …
Because the most senior of the group, but no lace, Tewfiq Baali was appointed to oversee his comrades during the trip. Nothing differentiates troops, epaulets for their students their officers and NCOs were withdrawn after the closing ceremony. Instructors had told them they could buy the stewardship, although in their hearts, they prefer that the newly promoted go brag elsewhere at the Academy … Incompatible genres, is not it? … It is well known that the ranking active military vomits ranking reservist. The first does not understand that to become leader in a snap, when the second does not care to be. Headache typically khaki insoluble! …
The rest of time. The quartermasters have other fish to fry than to pass badges tin to gold or silver starters … They have a new promotion to dress quickly. Accelerate the pace! The plant to produce soldiers must run at full speed!
At this time of the day pale, 4×4 kitchen is the only means of transport available remained in the barracks. This is Sergeant Allaoua was eventually appointed to accompany them. The army changed its mind at the last minute. She does not trust them. It may come to their idea of spinning the English … The officer goes to the front, regardless of the rank of officers in the group.
« Damn, he thought, settling … There is no grade marked on their roadmap … only the function of a military officer for two … this is too vague for me as an instructor led their life lasted for three months … both continue until the end … indeed, it is silly to have told an NCO they move … they will remain minors all their lives … At this rate, a single corporal active lead them by the nose … bah, what can I plug it … Essentially, this is to be able to get the mission to see the children … God, how I miss them! … and their mother, of course, gleefully imagining their secrets adult games!  »
Tewfiq Baali climbs on the back with the group. All sit on their duffels, except him who is not dirty his baggage because there are no benches and the floor is sticky tallow. When the truck starts, the new wave of recruits rushed into the dining room, pursued by the « Week », barking orders interspersed with profanity, exactly as did all the wardens during the previous instruction. Steam escapes through vents hot kitchens. Unusual ringing bowls attached to blue belts is invited once again to that moment, as all the blades in the barracks past three months.
The day before, the frame had pretended to ignore newcomers, according to a scenario repeatedly played for the classes before and those to come. While for men who leave, withdrawal is painful. It’s like out of a movie, after the screening of a beautiful film, be dazzled by the bright light from outside. See that the Earth continued to rotate. Be inhabited by the strange feeling of having missed something essential. Realize that we can not turn back the clock of time, and he’ll have to face the vicissitudes of this.
Tewfiq Baali has not had time to shave. This is the first time he returns to this « extra » since its entry into barracks. Yesterday he had buried his toiletries kit at the bottom of and did not want to undo her clothes neatly folded and ironed by her mother during her quarter final free « blue turning green, » a term now devoted to grunts who received their baptism of fire.
The Aspirant Mohamed Amari, his traveling companion, almost starting a round with the « Week », come shake at dawn as mere peacekeepers new promotion. Tewfiq Baali had interposed, avoiding an incident last minute that could delay their providential mutation at the headquarters of the 12th Army Corps. New conscripts, excited and anxious, did not let him sleep with their racket cabinets, beds that moves, and moves to the untimely stroke of midnight. Those not yet seem to have found their …
In the evening, the two newly promoted officers were joined to the block by three noncommissioned officers whose names are recorded on their collective roadmap. Their group had fallen in a dormitory, leaving no conscript invest the new promotion. Again, no mixing! They were lying on bare mattress without removing their fatigues and boots. Ultimate target of the academy in their place, because the transfer operation should suffer no delay. Having returned to their blankets, they were forced to sleep hands between her thighs, tickled by the ambient cold that reigns in the room, kicking in all directions, Cogitant constantly imagining a checkpoint obviously too perfect their landing Shirta.
Reverse the 4×4 does not. The driver must maneuver around the parade to find the exit. Tewfiq Baali draws a lesson. We must go forward. Thus all the armies in the world work … He remembers the last moments spent at the university.
« There is no difference, he said … implicitly, we are asked to fuck … except that the heads do not leave black dust accumulate in dark corners.  »
Some pubs have opened in the city center. A merchant donuts. Slag. Fathers of families make a chain for bread, because a shortage of flour advanced since the outbreak of hostilities.
The 4×4 is finally rolling in first with clutch. The truck emits a kind of groan uninterrupted terror to cats meow gutters … The soldiers herded back feel acutely the effects of cold, because there is no tarpaulin. They do not move. Whatever! They saw others!
Tewfiq Baali leans to forage before. He makes it a point of honor to stand, clean, proud, despite the weight of the package, which he flays shoulder strap, despite the frost bite his ears. He remained standing until facing the psychological sneaky army against the regime of indoctrination. But the last quarter rose to Lembiridi left a taste of unfinished business, and retracted. Fortunately, his need to escape is stronger than anything. When it agreed to cross the threshold of the barracks to meet a national duty for most kids his age, he would at the end of the world if the army asked. Provided it does not have to shoot innocent people, he did not cry to the mothers, he did not rob territories and seize the property of others. And especially, if it is not an instrument of repression against his people, angry against their rulers. This is the same antinomy of any army …
« We must take a sharp contrast to the measured steps of the school, high school and university, he said … even if the new owners are far choirboys!  »
Certainly, the truck forward at the speed of a funeral. Is not that their departure was something strangely singular? No grades. No parade of completion. No permissions of Completion. Officers whose companion is an NCO. A bounty hunter, somehow … They are hostages awaiting ransom hypothetical, the argument goes captivity. To convict, the is a short step …

4×4 finally arrives at the station. Allaoua agrees to let his « protected » make coffee buffet, pending the arrival of the railcar. Unexpected gesture, which seems an exquisite luxury, as they accused of bullying, deprivation, prohibited, since they wear the uniform of the army.
There is no other travelers they in the waiting room. This was not the case the previous day and the previous days, with the arrival and departure of troops. A rat race, which begins and ends without warning.
Posters calling with colorful trains, adorn the walls, facing the runners. The rail authority has placed them where they need to absorb the shock of all anxieties. She loves lucky, those who escaped. This concourse is like a springboard pool. It can take an elk, but does not preserve the fall. Travellers leisure to enjoy the scenery at the start. They are beautiful, relaxing and makes you want to go. In return, we do not see. Or rather, they pretend not to see. Because often in this country, the returns are painful …
O miracle! The two officers take an ascendant group on their unexpected companion when the teller stamp their tickets first class, in view of their grade on the road. Wounded in his self-esteem, their guide said to them:
« It is all in the second, guys … do not aloof.  »
Tewfiq Baali nods absently. Mohamed Amari remains unmoved. It whispers to his comrade:
« No way to go in the second, Baali … good god, that he takes this one? … it is only Sergeant! … , I do not negotiate over an iota of my authority now … it’s like this … there are those who command and those who obey … I am not making … I take the train, as everyone … tebki emmou or matebkich emma!  »
Tewfiq Baali said nothing. Long ago he was selfless leadership struggles. He wants to make some strides along the quay of the main track to stretch their members. How would he react if their coach decided to stop it? Should also fight to breathe fresh air? The army would attack it until this very intimate type of retrenchment?
Concrete piers is wet, but the first glimmerings of East announce a beautiful day. Tewfiq Baali like this station, built like any other time of the Belle Epoque. It has something romantic, the sky reddish rising prepares the magic of travel. Is it not here that took the start in turmoil warrior, a paradise on the other side of the sea? He was barely four years …

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