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NB: Les textes originaux en français se trouvent toujours sous les chapitres traduits en anglais.

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« Comrades, we have all been lead  soldiers.»


(In "Breathlessness" Volume 4 "Kp Zero" Chapter X)


I knew Tewfiq Baali at N’goussa, one of the doors of the Great South, beyond the billowing copper of Dokharas, the land of kings Tuggurts. How far is it now, but still striking reality !

At the time of chronic follow, I was fulfilling my military service as chief scribe at the court of the garrison. A round of khaki leather, only … Although, I have never had whatsoever to countersign any judgment. Indeed, my colleagues and I were regarded by the hierarchy as archivists at the most…

Hey! What are asking reservists, the ultimate passive inhibition, except to go to the mattresses ? In contrast, our leaders never could have imagined, even that time a heartbeat, we also had an irreducible duty to remember to place of future generations. Hence the emergence of this script, which has somehow sunk of source.

All started for us when the military administration had sent us orders to call at the age of majority, or four to five years later for those like me who pursued higher education. Among the thousands of conscripts who assigned here and there in the barracks at random, often without prior selection in relation to their academic or professional qualifications, there are three types of recruits:

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